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Steps to Download WordPress Primary Category nulled

  • To download simply click on the green button
  • Wait & follow all instructions
  • Complete the captcha
  • You will be redirected to the original Download page

After Download Instruction for WordPress Primary Category

  • File must be in Zipping or RAR,
  • If it’s a RAR file then please Use this tool to convert from RAR to ZIP
  • Now please extract or unzip the file called (ezyZip) you can also use a ZIP extractor online


When there are too many categories tagged in your post or product, it is automatic that WordPress chooses one as the main category and uses it for the permalink and breadcrumbs.

Adding an additional category may lead to changes in permalink and breadcrumbs. This may make the 404 Error – page not found appear in your post or product, reducing your website’s rank in search tools like Google.

WordPress Primary Category will make it easier to choose the main category that you want. This works by fixing the intended category in the permalink and breadcrumbs. It is completely SEO friendly.

Easy Set-up And Use:

  • 1. Activate Plugin. A Meta box will appear right under “Thumbnail section” in your post or product.
  • 2. Select and save one of those tagged categories. Its permalink and breadcrumbs will appear.
  • 3. Once users access to the post or product, that category will be used for breadcrumbs.

Try here this download link if the above one does not work

Download link 2 for WordPress Primary Category Nulled


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